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Annual Physical/Biometric Screening/Well Woman/Medicare Annual Wellness

Routine physical examinations ensure that you stay in good health. Your provider will discuss routine health maintenance care, and may order lab work as well for comprehensive care. Breast and pelvic exams with Pap smears are available for women. Prostate exams are available for men.

Chronic Care Management

Whether you have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid problems, or other chronic conditions, we can help you manage them. We have an on-site certified Care Manager who can work with you personally to ensure you are taking the necessary steps to improve your overall health.

Dermatology Consults/Lesion Removals

Our providers are capable of taking samples to further diagnose illnesses and conditions, and send referrals to specialists if needed.


Osteopathic manipulative treatment consists of a hands-on techniques to diagnose, treat and prevent illness or injury.

Pediatric Care/Sport Physicals

We provide routine well child examinations, urgent care, and sports physicals. We take pride in our care given to all patients, especially the younger generation.


We provide routine vaccinations for persons of all ages, from newborns to senior citizens. We carry all of the immunizations your school aged child needs to stay healthy. We offer yearly flu shots as well as the pneumonia and shingles vaccines.

X-Ray Capabilities

Oak Grove Medical Clinic now has onsite, state of the art x-ray equipment. Providers in the office are able to order x-ray images for a wide variety of issues. Whether it be a possible broken bone, lung infection, or other problem, we now have the ability to take x-ray images in our office rather than sending patients to another facility to do so.

Cash Services

For patients without health insurance, we are able to offer needed medical services in our office at a discounted rate. Prices depend on the services required, so please call the office for an estimated quote.